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Theoretical Terms:

hegemony dominant system of power extending to social, political and cultural discourse; the idea of hegemonies is largely a product of the work of the Italian historian Antonio Gramsci (Rodriguez "From Representationto Recognition" 3)

perspective viewpoint informed by cultural, political, historical and social factors

subaltern person without access to hegemonic power structure; term denotes a state of exclusion, but not a total lack of agency or influence, subaltern classes are not only influened by the hegemonic system,

subaltern studies the study of subaltern, or excluded populations; goal is to study subaltern in own terms, rather then to define them in term relative to the hegemonic culture


Historical Terms:

CCD centro clandestino de detencion; secret concentration camp where los desaparecidos were held

Desaparecido person secretly kidnapped and tortured by the Argentine military, said to be "disappeared"

Junta small group, often associated with a country's military, that controls a national government

Nunca Más report published following the fall of the Argentine military dictatorship about Los Desaparecidos


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